Boardwalk Residences at Marina Bay

Welcome to the website for the City of Quincy Planning Board case number 2012-14 for Special Permit Site Plan Review and Planning Board case number 2012-SDIV01 for Preliminary/Definitive Subdivision. This case refers to the prospective Boardwalk Residences at Marina Bay project and related subdivision of land. The City will compile relevant documents and make them accessible to the public for review at this location.

*This website was reorganized on 1/14/13 to make documents easier to upload and access. They are now arranged by transmittal to the Planning Board, by month.

It appears the website got a bug and consequently some links to the DropBox pages we use to host large documents were broken. The Department has replaced the broken links and hopefully everything is fully functioning again.

Last updated 3/11/13.

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